Winter Menu

Winter Doughnut Menu
December 27th - January 24th

Hot Cocoa**
chocolate ring, dark chocolate glaze, whipped cream & marshmallow

Apple Cider
raised apple cider dough, cinnamon sugar topping

Milk & Cereal
classic cereal, vanilla milk glaze

Lemon Drop
buttermilk cake ring with lemon glaze

vanilla ring, coconut glaze (coconut custard Fri-Sun)

chocolate cake ring, Stumptown coffee glaze

dark chocolate glaze, shaved chocolate curls
a.k.a - Doughnut of the Year!

assorted doughnut dots on a stick

Boston Cream**
custard filled, dark chocolate glaze 

nutella filled, praline glaze

Traditional Jelly
raspberry jelly, powdered sugar

Maple Bacon
maple glazed, topped with crispy bacon

Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl
cinnamon & sugar, vanilla bean glaze

Apple Fritters*
apples, cinnamon & doughnut

*Sunday only
**Friday, Saturday & Sunday only