A Brief History

In the Beginning

Camp Pine Forest at The Patisserie

In 2008, Rachel Crampsey moved to Milford, Pennsylvania from Woodside, NY with her husband, Kevin and their 3 month old baby girl, Josie.  Rachel was the head baker for The Patisserie Fauchere.  Once a week, she made a batch of brioche doughnuts coated in cinnamon sugar.  The doughnuts were a big hit and soon Rachel started teaching doughnut making classes for kids.  The classes became so popular, a local summer camp bused their campers into the bakery to learn the art of the doughnut.

Josie Crampsey's 1st Doughnut

Rachel continued to work with Camp Pine Forest and in 2010 she catered the breakfast for a wedding held at the camp.  The owners were hosting their daughter's wedding. Rachel's doughnuts were served to 300 wedding guests the morning after the wedding.  She started mixing dough as soon as the couple said "I do" and fried all night long in order to have everything ready for the guests in the morning. 

Sunday Sweets

Skip ahead a few years...  Rachel & Kevin took over "The Bread Company" in Montclair in May 2012.  They did a bit of rebranding and launched the "Montclair Bread Co." as you know it today.  Pastry Chef, Carolyn Simmons, also a Patisserie Fauchere alum joined the MBCo team along with CIA grad and chef Kyra Wilder.  Carolyn worked her magic during the week and Rachel did most of the baking on the weekends.  On Sunday mornings, Kyra and Rachel started at 3am and spent most of their time dreaming up the ultimate breakfast which would be shared together after the bake was complete.

Copper Pot Doughnuts

The Copper Pot

In January 2013, one of Rachel's friends gave her a beautiful old copper pot.  She showed the pot to Kyra and asked what would be the best use for it.  Kyra immediately suggested doughnuts.  An aside - Kyra was 8 months pregnant at the time and just about any sweet suggestion sounded good to her!  Rachel's first batch of doughnuts made three dozen.  They were coated in cinnamon & sugar...super simple.  Rachel & Kyra ate half of them and the other half was put out for sale.  They were gone in seconds!!!

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