Game Day Doughnuts

Sunday, January 25th - Sunday, February 1st

Apple Cider
raised apple cider dough, cinnamon sugar topping

Patriots vs. Seahawks
team color glazes

Beer & Peanuts
yuengling glaze, salty roasted peanuts

oreos, m&m's, pretzels, potato chips, chocolate glaze, 
topped with peanut butter drizzle

chocolate cake ring, Stumptown coffee glaze

dark chocolate glaze, shaved chocolate curls
a.k.a - Doughnut of the Year!

Boston Cream
custard filled, dark chocolate glaze 

nutella filled, praline glaze

Traditional Jelly
raspberry jelly, powdered sugar

Maple Bacon
maple glazed, topped with crispy bacon

Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl
cinnamon & sugar, vanilla bean glaze

Apple Fritters*
apples, cinnamon & doughnut

*Sunday only