Sunday, May 26th

Vanilla Glazed * Cinnamon & Sugar * Powdered

Pink Sprinkle * Raspberry Glazed * Chocolate Glazed

Boston Cream
vanilla custard filled with dark chocolate glaze

Coconut Cream
stuffed with whipped coconut cream, topped with toasted coconut

Key Lime Pie
filled with key lime curd, dredged in graham cracker crumbs
new this week!

Jam Filled 
strawberry jam rolled in powdered sugar

Maple Bacon
maple glazed, topped with crispy bacon

Double Chocolate
baked chocolate ring with fudgey chocolate frosting

Jammy Do'Nut
raspberry jam center crusted with spiced almonds & oats

Apple Fritter
chopped apples, cinnamon, sugar & vanilla glaze

Doughnut Dots
Cinnamon & Sugar, Powdered or Glazed

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