Sunday, August 18th

Vanilla Glazed * Cinnamon & Sugar * Powdered

Pink Sprinkle Chocolate Glazed

fried eclair dough, custard filled, dark chocolate glaze

cheesecake filling with fresh berries on top

Boston Cream
custard filled, dark chocolate glaze 

nutella filled, praline glaze

Pump up the Jam 
strawberry jam, powdered sugar

Maple Bacon
maple glazed, topped with crispy bacon

Milk & Cereal
milky glaze, crunchy cereal topping

Berry Baked
baked berry doughnut made with Greek yogurt

Peach Fritter
peaches, cinnamon & sugar, vanilla bean glaze

French Cruller
pate a choux, vanilla bean glaze

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  1. OMG what's a vacation? Haven't seen one of those in years. On the other hand, there's always time for donuts!