Sunday, April 20th

Happy Easter

Vanilla Glazed * Cinnamon & Sugar * Powdered

Easter Basket
white chocolate Easter 'grass', chocolate eggs

Coconut Cream
coconut custard filling, toasted coconut topping

Cadbury Cream Doughnut
chocolate doughnut, creamy vanilla filling, fudge glaze

Hot Cross Doughnut
caramel, raisin & citrus filling, vanilla cross

The Munchies
you'll have to see it to believe it

Stumptown glaze, chocolate espresso beans

Chocolate Sprinkle
chocolate glaze, sprinkles

Boston Cream
custard filled, dark chocolate glaze 

nutella filled, praline glaze

Pump up the Jam 
strawberry jam, powdered sugar

Maple Bacon
maple glazed, topped with crispy bacon

Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl
cinnamon & sugar, vanilla bean glaze

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